Tinnitus Management

If you have ever experienced “ringing in the ears” you have experienced tinnitus, which is a word used to identify a persistent sound for which no source can be seen.

A person may hear a persistent ringing, buzzing or hissing, but there is nothing nearby that is producing such a sound. Tinnitus can have several causes, but it is most often associated with prolonged exposure to loud noises. People who work around loud, heavy manufacturing machinery are at risk, for instance, as are people who work around jet engines at airports. You may even have heard of rock ‘n’ roll musicians developing tinnitus after years of standing near large amplifiers.

Those are all very obvious examples of tinnitus risk, but even everyday activities can produce damaging levels of noise. That’s why we recommend wearing hearing protection even during simple tasks such as mowing your lawn, using a snow blower, or operating power tools. It is surprisingly easy to reach and pass the 85-decibel level at which hearing damage can begin to occur. Spending a lot of time driving on loud highways with your car windows open is another easy way to expose yourself to a dangerous noise level.

If you are experiencing tinnitus symptoms (a persistent ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring, clicking or other sound for which there is no visible source), please contact us right away for a thorough evaluation. While it is rare for noise-induced tinnitus to go away completely, we can help prevent it from getting worse while also learning to manage it in a way that makes it less distracting and disturbing. Here’s how that works:

Are you experiencing ringing in your ears? We can help you find relief with the following:

  • First, we test your hearing and gather a complete picture of the various hearing environments you tend to find yourself in.
  • We will discuss any lifestyle changes that can help prevent your tinnitus from getting worse; that discussion includes counseling on contributing factors to tinnitus, such as stress.
  • Should you level of tinnitus lead us to recommend a technology solution, we will explain your range of options, which includes hearing aids and a variety of sound-masking devices.

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