Hearing Services

Our highly-skilled team includes a Doctor of Audiology with a certificate in tinnitus and hyperacusis and two experienced hearing instrument dispensers.

We have strong ties to the city of Cornwall and are committed to providing the best hearing care service to the community. We look forward to hearing from you! Free parking is available on site.

Our Hearing Services

We provide a full range of hearing health services. Our goal is to develop a thorough, 360-degree understanding of your hearing health situation and then work with you on a plan that suits your unique needs.

Hearing Assessments and Screening

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with years of expertise, we can help you understand where your hearing stands at present and detect any changes to it over time.

Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Treatments

Whether you have a mysterious ringing in your ears, or experience anxiety in reaction to certain sounds, our staff can help you find a way to make life easier on your ears.

Audiological Testing

This cutting edge technology allows us to drill down, identifying individual tones and frequencies that pose specific problems for you.

Balance Disorders Treatment

The inner ear plays an important role in maintaining your balance. If you’re having a problem with balance, let us help.

Hearing Loss Solutions

From lifestyle counseling, to ear protection equipment, to assistive listening devices and the latest in hearing aid technology, we’ll help you explore all of your options.

Audiologic Issues Related to Post-Concussion/whiplash Syndrome

Common concussion/whiplash related symptoms include hearing loss, tinnitus, sound sensitivity, brain fog and vestibular issues.We work with a team of experts that address other related issues.

Advanced Audiologic Testing

Specialized equipment to assess the integrity of the auditory system that is not shown on a basic audiogram

Hearing loss impacts every individual differently and it can occur at any time for a number of reasons.  Age-related hearing loss occurs due to physiologic changes in the structure of the inner ear. Ongoing medical issues with the middle ear, such as ongoing ear infections or hereditary issues can affect the middle ear.  A hearing test at any age serves as a reference point in which we can monitor hearing levels.

Hearing loss can affect personal and work life.  Individuals with hearing loss often experience fewer educational and job opportunities due to impaired communicative ability.  Social withdrawal is also a common issue due to reduced access to services and difficulty communicating with others. Often, emotional problems caused by a decrease in self-esteem and confidence is seen in individuals who suffer from hearing loss.

It is not uncommon to see individuals who have undergone hearing testing and they were told that their hearing is “fine”.Yet, they continue to struggle to hear in certain situations.There is much current research on minimal and hidden hearing loss and its impact on communication.Hidden hearing loss is a type of hearing loss that cannot be measured by the most common hearing test and the audiogram may be similar that that of an individual with normal or near normal hearing thresholds.It is defined as a selective reduction in the number of synapses connecting the inner hair cells and the auditory nerve.Minimal hearing loss is described as a hearing threshold of 16 to 25 dB and more recent studies have shown that this type of loss can also significantly impact communication.Our facility does advanced testing-beyond the normal audiogram, to investigate these types of hearing loss.

New types of hearing aids and accessories are available that are effective, affordable, comfortable and discreet.

Not Sure About Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are a big step in one’s life, not to mention a big investment.

It all starts with finding out just what your hearing situation is. At Cornwall Hearing Aid Centre, we will take you through a comprehensive, painless series of tests and evaluations designed to give us a picture of your hearing health. Should we determine that you have hearing loss, we will discuss the extent of that loss with you and what steps to take in dealing with it. If your hearing loss has progressed to a point at which we would recommend hearing aids, we will walk you through a number of options and make some recommendations based on your unique needs. We will not, however, simply sell you some hearing aids. You will have an opportunity try a range of hearing aids, on a trial basis and at no obligation, before deciding on which hearing aids to purchase.

Improve Your Quality of Life

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