Cornwall’s only locally-owned and operated Hearing Aid Clinic

Hear Well. Live Better!

We invest in Cornwall and community!

We are Cornwall's only Hearing Aid Clinic locally owned and operated.

We have over 24 years experience serving the clients of Cornwall. We are the only clinic in Cornwall with the owners in the store, daily.

We are pleased to serve all clients with hearing loss including those who may have coverage from: ADP, WSIB, DVA, ODSP and Akwesasne. Your claim number follows you. You are free to seek out any hearing clinic for hearing help. We have a Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist with an advanced training in Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, concussion and balance.

Our Services

Hearing Assessments

Hearing loss is a problem that develops very slowly. A thorough hearing assessment today will establish a baseline to measure your hearing against in the years to come.

Hearing Loss Solutions

From assistive listening devices, to hearing aids, sound-masking devices, ear protection and more, we can show you an array of options for dealing with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a very personal difficulty; each person’s needs are unique. That’s why we provide a broad selection of hearing aid styles with an equally broad spectrum of technical capabilities.

Tinnitus & Sound Sensitivity

Whether you are bothered by a phantom ringing in your ears or react with anxiety to a particular sound, our experts will help you combine counseling with technology to help you overcome your challenge.

Balance Disorders

Our knowledge of the inner ear allows us to understand and treat vestibular issues. The vestibular system, found in the inner ear, helps your brain understand when the body is moving, what angle it is at and what it needs to do to maintain balance and gait.

Ear Wax Removal

Impacted ear wax is a very common cause of conductive hearing loss. It is easy to treat, but should always be treated by professionals with the training and equipment to do it safely and thoroughly.

Not Sure About Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are a big step in one’s life, not to mention a big investment.

It all starts with finding out just what your hearing situation is. At Cornwall Hearing Aid Centre, we will take you through a comprehensive, painless series of tests and evaluations designed to give us a picture of your hearing health. Should we determine that you have hearing loss, we will discuss the extent of that loss with you and what steps to take in dealing with it. If your hearing loss has progressed to a point at which we would recommend hearing aids, we will walk you through a number of options and make some recommendations based on your unique needs. We will not, however, simply sell you some hearing aids. You will have an opportunity try a range of hearing aids, on a trial basis and at no obligation, before deciding on which hearing aids to purchase.

We Accept 3rd Party Private Pay

Your claim number follows you!

Improve Your Quality of Life

Hear Well. Live Better!

Cornwall’s only locally-owned and operated Hearing Aid Clinic.